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My Story

‘We teach what we most need to learn’  

- Richard Bach

Anyone in a healing profession will have resonance with this quote, and I am no exception. My journey of self-growth, personal development and healing is a deeply personal one, that continues daily. 


My childhood was a paradox of joy, love, ponies and a wonderful school combined with divorce, violence, blended families with complex and toxic dynamics, mental health issues, suicide attempts, isolation and living alone from an early age. My parents weren’t bad at all but they were carrying their own personal trauma and that cycle, as it does with every single one who doesn’t do their work, gets carried on generationally. 


Even writing this feels on some levels like betrayal to my parents who I love dearly. This is why compassion is at the heart of all my work. Compassion for them and their experience, compassion that I didn’t get what I fully needed, and compassion for the shame and guilt I carry about my behaviour, pain and coping mechanisms I learnt and displayed in order to survive.


In order to heal we need two main ingredients – compassion and courage – and lots of it. We also need; play, self-reflection, love, self-care, joy, safety, and championing.  These ingredients I practice and cultivate daily in order to give you the best service I possibly can.

''Only when compassion is present will people allow themselves to see, or to experience, the truth of who they are"

- A. H. Almas  


When we heal ourselves we thrive in life, we also heal our world, and the world thrives. For me healing yourself is the most important thing you can do for those you love, your health, your happiness and our world. It’s why I dedicate my life to this work, every single day.


I am by no means a finished article nor do I pretend to be, life is messy. But I am resilient, strong, grounded, compassionate and peaceful (more and more of the time). I am also becoming more and more gentle on myself and living a life of integrity and truth for me. It may not look like everyone else’s life but it is honest. Being true to myself is one of the most courageous things I have ever done and I am proud of that.

Lauren x

My Qualifications

  • Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner – Psychotherapeutic approach to healing trauma, training with Gabor Maté.

  • Education and Training with the globally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

  • PCC Coaching Accreditation with International Coaching Federation (ICF).

  •  Capgemini University Qualified Facilitator

  • Graduate of CTI Leadership Training.

  • Trained Facilitator of ‘The Demartini Method’ - Human development and transformation.

  • he Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) certified facilitator. 

  • ORSC Series training with CRR Global – Organisational Relationship Systemic Coach.

  • Qualified Yoga Teach Trainer (200-Hours with Yoga Alliance)

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