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Mother nature as our teacher for ending 2020

I think more than any other year of my adult life, 2020 amongst many challenges, has really taught us to stop and slow down, we have quite literally been forced to stay inside for a huge proportion of it. Nature has been more valued by the masses and the impact on our environment of this slowing down has been seen globally.

A a collective we are all appreciating the festive season & some much needed cheer more than ever. I have also noticed how much acknowledgement of the change in season, the cold days and dark nights has made people want to retreat. Last week one of our work virtual calls was prepped with bring a blanket and a hot drink. The need to be cosy, to hibernate, to slow down and to rest is real.

Last summer Emmy and I went to the Amazon and had the utter privilege of living with the Achuar Tribe. Their connection to land, mother earth and her wisdom is something I believe if we all did we would not only be better to the Earth but we would be kinder to ourselves. Plants and animals are preparing for a long winter’s sleep, prioritizing their needs for the months ahead, and it is time for us to learn from her and do the same. Hibernation is for reflecting, resting, stopping and also dreaming. It is time to set our foundations and nourish ourselves before the new year ahead.

Use winter as a teacher, we have all had a hard year. This year more than ever is a time to be gentle on ourselves as we process what on earth just happened?!


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