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What is a Daily Practice?

A daily practice is about giving yourself some precious time each and every day to look after you. It is a gift to you and those around you so that you show up to your day present, conscious of your intent and ready to deal with the challenges of life.

There is no wrong or right daily practice. It is individual just like you. It will more than likely evolve and change as you evolve and change.

How long should your daily practice last?

This is up to you! It can be anything from five minutes to an hour!

What can my daily practice look like?

This again, is up to you. There are several focus points that can be useful to make your daily practice as impactful as possible. These are the following:

·     Meditation

·     Mindfulness

·     Journaling

·     Gratitude

·     Setting Intentions

·     Practicing Self-Love

·     Affirmations

·     Yoga or Stretching

·     Exercise

Why not incorporate one or two of these into your day and let us know how it impacts your personal and work life?

Check out our journal, Finding You.


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