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Compassion Coach

Helping you heal compassionately

What I offer

"Trauma is not what happened to us, but what happened inside us"

- Gabor Maté

I have worked with business leaders for the past decade and coached thousands of people, globally. When people come to me they often come to work on their weaknesses, develop a skill, reach a goal or improve their leadership. Over the years I have learnt that what stops people from fulfilling their desires is not their ability, but the subconscious beliefs that drive or halt their behaviours. 


My approach has evolved from traditional coaching into coaching combined with a therapeutic approach called Compassionate Inquiry. Therapy as a word can be off putting, think of it instead as a systemic approach that you can use to better understand your whole self, the contents of your mind and your behaviours. Limiting behaviours are subtle and often unconscious, they are adaptations of coping mechanisms we had as children in order to survive.   No matter what our childhood looked like most of us will have experienced some form of struggle. In therapy terms we would call this trauma. 

Trauma is a triggering word but more importantly it is a pathologized word, associated with people who are ‘broken'. This is not only dangerous, it is utterly incorrect. Trauma effects 95% of people whether that is big ’T' trauma - which is mostly associated with post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) and small ’t' trauma - when our emotional needs were not taken care of during highly stressful events. Multiple small ’t’ trauma can severely effect our emotional and psychological state.  


Compassion is at the heart of my work. It is the secret ingredient we need to be able to look at who we are as a whole. It take tremendous courage to heal any form of trauma and my job is to make the process one where you feel seen, heard and valued for the beautiful human being that you are. 

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One to One

One to One Sessions

If you're interested in one to one healing sessions with Lauren, see what's included here.



Finding You

Finding You is the guide and structure to support you start your daily practice. It will help you uncover yourself and give yourself some precious time each and every day to look after you.



Ibizan Retreat

Six days of utter nourishment where you will reconnect to your soul, heal self-sabotaging pattern and behaviours, nurture your body and create a concrete practice to bring back to your everyday life.


About Lauren

Owner of Lea_p Leadership, a leadership development and coaching company, I have combined over a decade of training and personal growth, plus my life experiences to create a holistic and personalised self-development journey that is unique to you and encompasses the mind, body and soul.  We are so much more than our minds and true healing aligns our bodies and psyche alongside our cognitive understanding. It is not a one size fits all, it is an individual, holistic and somatic approach to your healing.

Lauren was incredible in helping me re-connect with myself. I'd struggled to live life positively and smoothly but I was compassionately guided to a different mindset and better outlook on life. Lauren as so attentive to my world and helped alter my perception of a world previously gloomy and dark, helping me love myself and the world around me too.

I am incredibly grateful"


My Clients

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